So Long, Summer

The best trends from the season

It seems hard to believe, but we’re autumn-bound and there’s no stopping the end of summer. It’s been a busy season—hopefully for all you jewelers out there, too—with a range of of-the-moment styles, colors, and trends. Here are 5 styles that defined our summer—will they keep going strong through the holiday season?


Millennial Pink

Everything from fashion jewelry to engagement rings got the baby pink treatment, and there’s no end in sight to our obsession with the soft, powdery hue.


Big and Bold

From Wonder Woman-style cuff bracelets and shield-like rings to huge, eye-catching earrings, if it was big and bold, it was on our summer must list.


Summer of Sapphire

Those it would seem a stretch to say that such a hardy sought-after gemstone has experienced a renaissance this summer, it would be fair to say new fine jeweler shoppers seem to have caught on. Ever a mainstay, it’s still exciting to see the sapphire in new styles.


Close-Fit Necklaces

Collars, chokers, and the like stayed strong through summer, and by all accounts, will continue that streak well into fall.


Linear Earrings

Whether they featured a colorful collection of gemstones, glittering diamonds, or were simply made with metal, if it was a long, dangling line for the ears, it was a hit. The style has been popular as of late and seems to have spiked over the summer, so expect that momentum to take it well into the holiday season.


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