Luxury Trends: Fall 2018

It may be fun to follow—and even to participate in—any number of jewelry trends. Not too long ago, we were donning ear climbers and those hand bracelet creations that ran the length of wrist to fingertip. For the most part, demand for those items has waned, though I fully expect they’ll ride a wave back in again sometime soon.

When it comes to high-end jewelry, delving too far into a passing (or even cyclical) trend can be high-risk. That’s not to be said it can’t be done and done well (it happens all the time), but for the average customer, spending a high dollar amount on a style that won’t be worn for life just isn’t fathomable.

So while ear climbers decked out in diamonds are styles we long to see on the rich and famous, the same brands perfecting those (usually) one-of-a-kind styles, do well to offer pieces that lean more towards classic, too.

These styles can be arguably trendy themselves. Take, for example, the gold chain. It’s an absolute classic, one a customer can feel good about “investing” in (note that this shouldn’t be confused as a monetary investment so much as an investment in their long-term wear). But that chunky, warm gold just happens to be in major favor right now. So while someone may always wear a big gold chain around their neck or wrist, they just happen to be extra with it at the moment.

Here are 5 luxury looks that, though timeless, are sure to have additional impact (and be the object of much coveting) this fall.

The Gold Chain
As mentioned earlier, gold is having a major-er moment, and, while demand for it may spur its purchase, customers won’t cease to wear it once the next big trend comes along.


Big Earrings
Big, bigger, and biggest are what you want in this maximalist look, from chandelier earrings to shoulder-dusting danglers. Get extra trend points for mixing and matching your displays with stud earrings, inspiring customers to create their own asymmetrical looks.


Cuffing Season
Cuff bracelets, both wide and on the narrower side (and even some bangle bracelets), are seeing play this summer, and will surely transition to the fall with ease.


Vintage and Vintage-Inspired
A true vintage piece offers that one-of-a-kind option many shoppers want these days, but carefully-made replicas can be compelling, too. Choose either to appease the antique hunter near you.


Go Wild
Animal print looks like it’s trending big time for fall, so why not invite a menagerie to accessorize it?

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