Know the Stone: Moonstone and Opal

Two of my favorite things

When deciding which stone to spotlight for this edition of JCK Tucson’s “Know the Stone,” I was stuck between two that are equally mesmerizing: moonstone and opal. And then I thought, why choose? When you visit Tucson, you get jewels and scenery—so I’m combining two wondrous things, too. Both are luminous and filled with light. You’d be hard-pressed to find another colored gemstone that comes to life quite like these two—every way the light hits, there’s a new awe-inspiring scene, giving off a range of depth and color. Of course, if moonstone and opal aren’t your thing (aren’t they everyone’s thing?), there will be an abundance of stones to discover at the show. It’s Gem Week, after all. To give you a preview before you arrive, here’s just a taste of the good stuff that awaits.


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