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4 styles to stock for the holidays and the year ahead

It’s that time of year you’ve been prepping for and probably anticipating for months now—the holidays are here! Made your list and checked it twice? If you haven’t, we’ve compiled a list of the trends that will likely dominate the better part of 2018, so you can get a head start on what to stock for the new year. Better yet, if you get them in before the holiday shopping season officially kicks off, your shoppers that are one step ahead will be glad you did. Here are the 4 styles you should get into your inventory now—some may be familiar looks you just need to strengthen, some all-new to your store.


If you’ve been paying attention to any of the recent runway shows and red carpets, you’ve probably noticed the inescapable presence of yellow. It’s not just any shade, either: It’s that warm, golden hue that brings to mind visions of bright sunshine, Belle’s famous ball gown, and even Big Bird. It’s a color that has been at the top of the trend list before, but every time it comes back, it somehow seems brand new. The power of yellow.


The New Friendship Bracelet

I don’t know where they came from, but lately these adjustable-style bracelets seem to be everywhere. The kicker here is that they’re made with precious materials, so it’s a casual style that you’re somewhat used to seeing, kicked up a notch with diamonds, gemstones, and gold. The grown-up friendship bracelet.

Hoops of All Sizes

Hoop earrings were huge this year—literally, the oversized variety—and their popularity shows no signs of coming to a head. Strengthen your inventory with hoops of varying styles and sizes to appease every kind of shopper.

Stacking Rings

The collect-them-all mentality of stacking rings is still going strong, which is a mega-plus for retailers: There exist those customers that are always going to want to add another to their collection. Though recent trends point to only wearing one petite band at once, as opposed to stacking them knuckle-high, there’s still that desire for variety, which makes it important for shoppers to have options.

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