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Jewels from Greece at JCK and LUXURY

What’s better than a visit to Greece? The gorgeous scenery, the warm, welcoming residents, the simple fact that you’re on vacation. Well, we can’t offer you a trip to the Mediterranean, but we can bring elements of it to you.

New this year at JCK Las Vegas is a roster of incredible designers hailing from Greece. You’ll find them in designated areas of both JCK and LUXURY—and they’ll be showcasing a range of jewelry you’re sure to find compelling. With an aim to promote Greek jewelry and create a dialogue around the art of Greek jewelry making both past and present, the exhibition is powered by Enterprise Greece, and co-organized by A Jewel Made in Greece, and ASAP Athens Ltd.

Greek jewelry has a lengthy, important history dating from the time when people not only wore golden and gemstone-laden adornments, but gave them as offerings to gods and goddesses, too. While you’ll find many of the ancient elements and techniques evident in today’s designs, these brands are putting a fresh, contemporary spin on Greek jewelry. Here is a closer look at some of the names you’ll want to discover.


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