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3 Neighborhoods to Visit at JCK Las Vegas

From the artisan goods of the Design Center to the exquisite finds of Estate Jewelry and Watch, it’s an adventure to visit each neighborhood at JCK Las Vegas. And to give you a preview of the myriad discoveries that await you in a few weeks, here’s a peek at three terrific options: Currents, First Look, and Bridge.

Located on level 2 of the Shorelines ballroom at Mandalay Bay’s convention center, the Currents neighborhood features a wide array of finished jewelry to please every shopper. You’ll find diamond jewelry that’s a must for any retail store, as well as gemstone and pearl creations—all right on track with current trends and demands from your customer base. If you’re looking to stock up on future best-sellers, this is a great place to start.

Head over to Bayside level 1 to discover First Look, a neighborhood brimming with finished jewelry ranging in category from bridal to fashion. With more than 300 exhibitors, there’s no limit to the goodies you’ll find: Sterling silver, bridal, and even loose gemstones are available. Set aside some time to visit your longtime—and soon-to-be—favorite brands.

Not far from First Look is the Bridge neighborhood, which specializes in products that bridge the gap between costume and fine jewelry—meaning very accessible prices for very eye-catching looks. Sterling silver is a big feature here (vermeil, too) and each product on display could become a future favorite among shoppers in your store!

No matter which neighborhoods you choose to spend your time in at JCK Las Vegas, you can’t go wrong! For best laid plans, here’s a preview of those three neighborhoods.


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