5 Enduring Trends to Spot at JCK Las Vegas

Trend hunting is one of the most enjoyable aspects of JCK Las Vegas, and it’s much more than a hobby. When you’re searching for the best products to stock for the second half of the year—including the holidays—you need to make smart decisions. It’s wise to buy fashion-forward items, but veer too far into fleeting trend territory and you’ll soon have a clearance sale on your hands. Remember, “trending” styles aren’t always “trendy.” Simply put: If emeralds are the highest-trending gemstones on the market, you won’t risk stocking the heck out of them because when will we ever stop wanting emeralds? The opposite may be true for the “trendy” septum ring. Stock them if your customers are game, but tread lightly.

Here are five trends you should look for at this year’s show. Don’t worry, they won’t fall out of favor anytime soon (or really, ever).

Artisan Engagement Rings

While the “alternative” engagement ring has been popular in the past few years, the category is vast because anything that’s not traditional can be considered alternative. What really drives customers is a desire to purchase goods from an independent designer. Look for styles verging on traditional (with a single center diamond or similar), as well as the more unconventional variety, from our brand showcasing in the Design Center and Design @ LUXURY neighborhoods.

Standout Stones

Opal is always popular when it comes to gemstones, but it’s not the only gem set to make waves at the show. Keep an eye out for stones that you don’t see every day, or don’t have on hand in your store.

Alternative Materials

We’re talking textiles like leather, rubber, and silk accounting for the bulk of a necklace or bracelet, but with gold and gemstones adding a fine touch. It’s a more casual approach to fine jewelry, and one that feels very easy and everyday.

Easy Being Green

It might be the year of Ultra Violet, but green is a close contender. Army green has been big in fashion, and brightly hued green jewels drive the look home. Keep an eye out for jewelry featuring tsavorite, jade, peridot, and more.

Sculptural Gold and Silver

It’s amazing what jewelers can do with metal, and when there are no gemstones involved, that work is doubly noticeable. Look for sculptural pieces in both sterling silver and yellow gold, particularly in a range of friendly price points.


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