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Now that you’ve made your return home and are on the mend from a week (or more) in Vegas, let’s review. A walk down short-term memory lane might inspire you to think of the jewels you saw, the people you met, and the events you attended. But let’s talk about the jewels (obviously in no short supply) that represented every trend we expected to see, new designs that caught our eye and features from each individual designer that kept us enthralled throughout the entire show floor.  And, like with anything in big numbers, you start to see some movements. While this in no way does justice to the list of common themes you might have spotted this year at JCK Las Vegas, here are 4 of our biggest favorites.

Rainbow Connection

We’ve been discussing the rise of rainbow jewelry all year and it has manifested into a bonafide trend. This mix of color is nothing new of course, but its elevated presence at the show this year got more than just our attention, designers are jumping at the change to feature it too. Aside from the traditional rainbow, also be on the lookout for multi-hued gemstones, and styles featuring 3 or more differently-colored gems.


Omnipresent Opal

As predicted and to the surprise of no one, opal had a substantial presence on the show floor. Its multicolor, luminescent appearance plays well with the rainbow looks shoppers are seeking, and it does so naturally and all in one spectacular stone.

Enamel Everywhere

Enamel made a big appearance this year, both in expected (and loved) and unexpected (and exciting) ways. From accented vintage jewelry to sterling silver, and some mega diamond styles, too, the colorful coating added character all around. Consider this another win for the color trend.

Feeling Like Gold

On the opposite end of the spectrum are jewels that feature no gemstones at all, rather, they make their appearances via texturing and architectural detailing. Chunky gold cuff bracelets, spectacularly-smithed and in both shiny and matte variations, were a big look this year. Designers are also making a run at statement earrings and necklaces in gold, both in solid form and in gold-plated base metals.


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