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The Shape of Things to Come


High-end jewels from JCK Las Vegas There’s a lot to see and do at JCK Las Vegas (this comes as news to no one, surely), so it’s important to prioritize your visit and pack your schedule as full as you can make it. On the flipside, you want to save a little time to roam the show floor, because meandering often leads you to discover something new, like brands you’ve never done business with before, or up-and-coming trends. While we won’t know what the year’s “new” (or perhaps renewed) trends are until we can fully peruse the jewels on showcase,…

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Full Circle: Katerina Perez


With LUXURY just over a month away, it seemed like opportune timing to take you Full Circle with one of the most knowledgeable luxury bloggers out there, our friend Katerina Perez. Russian-born and London-raised, Katerina was brought up with an appreciation for art and history that informs her knowledge of, reporting on, and support of fine jewelry. If you’d like to discover some of the world’s most exquisite fine jewelry all from your desk chair, it’s best you head to KaterinaPerez.com. Katerina frequents JCK Las Vegas and LUXURY as a destination to discover new talent and source inspiration for new articles….

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