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Privé Preview


With the big Vegas shows behind us, we’re looking forward to the refined and serene yet focused experience of LUXURY Privé. The tightly curated and design-forward selections this year are more impressive than ever and truly highlight Privé’s unique point of differentiation. Look for new iterations of coin jewelry and Mexican Fire Opal from Eduardo Sanchez, updated signets and charm rings from Julie Lamb, beautifully bold coral and turquoise pieces from Lost Bird Designs and so much more. This slideshow collection will give you a larger sneak peek. Click on an image below to view slideshow

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The Bridge: On-Trend Fashion Jewelry at Accessible Price Points


There is quite the list of exciting new things coming to JCK Las Vegas for 2016. One of these things is a brand new neighborhood: the Bridge. Located on Bayside, Level 1, the Bridge is all about on-trend fashion jewelry at accessible price points—a bridge, or middle ground, between costume jewelry and high-end fashion jewelry. You must be looking to beef up your price-point category for the upcoming holiday season, and this is where this fabulous neighborhood comes in. One visit to the trendiest neighborhood around and you’ll come away with a bevy of selections for all of your shoppers, from…

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