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The Latest Timepieces to see at JCK Las Vegas If watches are on your list of items to scour at JCK Las Vegas, then are you in for a treat. Between the Clockwork at JCK, LUXURY Watch, and Swiss Watch neighborhoods, there’s plenty to see and source in a range of prices, styles, and materials. From stainless steel to leather, rubber, and even wood; smart watches to classic, reliable tickers; masterpieces crafted with diamonds and gemstones, or casual, colorful styles, you won’t go wanting for whatever your customers have been demanding (and you might even come away with a few…

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Watch out for these timepieces at JCK Las Vegas 2016. If you come to JCK Las Vegas with the intention of ramping up your watch selection, then you’re in luck. This year, there are three—count ’em—three neighborhoods housing timepieces: Clockwork at JCK, Swiss Watch, and LUXURY Watch (new!). You’ll find virtually every price point and style, with big names and newcomers alike—you won’t be disappointed with the selection. To give you a little taste of what you can expect, I’ve rounded up this preview just in time (watch pun!) for JCK Las Vegas, which is less than a month away!…

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