The Holiday Rush

Styles poised to sell this season

If you feel like you’ve stepped into a time warp, you’re not alone—2018 is nearly at an end. But before we sing Auld Lang Syne and hang our 2019 calendars, we must tackle the busiest sales season: the holidays. This is the season, the one where customers new and old, prepared and clueless, confident and frantic, descend on your store not only for something to purchase, but also for your guidance on what that purchase should be.

Looking ahead, we can see a number of trends that have the sticky factor—they’re not going away anytime soon. From the latest styles in earrings (read: every earring ever) to a classic gemstone, get these four best-selling categories into your store before the shoppers flock in!

True Blue Sapphires

Tried-and-true, everyone’s favorite blue gemstone will continue to dazzle and delight. (Don’t sleep on the multicolored variety, either.) For the one who has it all—or the one who has been really, really good this year—consider these.

Earring Party

For those looking to surprise someone special, stud earrings are an optimal choice. You don’t have to worry about proper fit, as you would with a ring or even a bracelet. Better yet, there are enough options to tickle any fancy. Given the fashion world’s propensity for grouping various studs together, many would welcome this unexpected addition to their personal collections.

In addition to the studs, hoop earrings are still wildly popular and provide a lovely accompaniment to a pair of petite studs.

Bold Gold

Gold seems to be all anyone’s talking about these days, doesn’t it? From chunky chain necklaces to hefty rings, the warm yellow metal has our attention yet again. Look for styles free of gemstones, or featuring small accent stones, in a variety of textures and finishes.

Meet the Artist

Put simply, shoppers these days want to know where their stuff comes from. If they know who it comes from, all the better. Independent jewelry designers work hard to create thoughtful, wearable jewels for their customers, and it shows. If you haven’t dedicated at least a showcase (hopefully more!) to these indies, choose the holidays to do so.

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