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The Adventurine’s Marion Fasel has Holiday 2017 on the brain, as does the rest of jewelry industry in July. Here she shares her current favorites (she has an increased need for earrings) and what’s on her December wish list.


What is on your holiday 2017 wish list?

After about two years of thinking about getting another piercing in my ear I finally did it on the First Anniversary of my online magazine  I know this is relatively tame to just have three holes while people have as many as 10, but I am psyched.  So, all I want for the holidays are earrings, earrings, earrings.  I want more studs, hoops of all sizes and long pendant earrings.  I also want to get another piercing so I have 4 holes.  Ultimately, I think I am going for 6.


If given the choice, diamonds or pearls?

Normally, I would say “diamonds” no contest, but now it’s harder because designers are really beginning to play with pearls in a way that is fresh.  In seasons passed there were inevitably stories in fashion magazines with the phrase “Not your grandmother’s pearls.” There is nothing remotely grandma about the pearl styles I am seeing today.  Who knows maybe next year I would pick pearls over diamonds.

Ed Levin


What about new and old classics such as signet rings and link bracelets?

Yes and Yes.  I live for a spin on the classics.  Designers are really having a good time jazzing up signet rings.  And they look great.  Link bracelets are an easy to wear item, they are more difficult to update but a few designers are doing so nicely.


Julie Lamb NY


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