LUXURY Spotlight: Caroline Hadjibay, Managing Director for Andreoli Fine Jewelry

If you’ve had the pleasure of viewing the Andreoli Fine Jewelry collection, you know that it is something you won’t soon forget—the color, the design, the artistry, the craftsmanship. If you’ve also had the good fortune to meet the brand’s leading face, Caroline Hadjibay, you know that she too is unforgettable. Here’s a glimpse into the life of this lovely woman and the jewelry her family makes.


LL: You have such an interesting background, tell us about your family, and the origins of the company?

CH: Andreoli was founded in 1945 by my late grandfather Abraham, who was a gemstone dealer in India and Iran. My father Jack is also a gemstone dealer, eventually decided to introduce finished jewelry. He picked Valenza, Italy because it was the city of fine gold manufacturing. Now I moved to New York with a dream to make it big and make my father proud.

LL: As the business face of the company, what does your job entail?

CH: I am the Managing Director which entails a broad job description of overseeing the growth of sales and marketing, as well as U.S operations.

LL: How do you start your day? Any rituals? Does that change on the weekends or holiday?

CH: Wake up at 8am, make myself eggs and take a subway to work (of course when I’m not traveling to trade shows or in the workshop in Italy). As for balance, weekends are for friends and family and enjoying the NYC life.

LL: Milan is such an amazing city, a true confluence of art, style, and enterprise. Tell us your favorite things about the city and some favorite hotspots.

CH: La mia bella Milano…. I’m actually on my way there right now! Growing up in Milan influenced my taste and sense of style because women were always elegant and sophisticated, while still being creative and bold. I recommend going to Cova they have best cappuccino in the world!

LL: Who is the typical Andreoli customer?

CH: Our client is someone who is not afraid to wear color! Coming from a line of stone dealers we’re always seeking the best in precious and semi-precious stones and trying to create the freshest design.

LL: What role does jewelry play in your life? Do you wear jewelry every day? What are your favorite pieces and why?

CH: I’m in love with jewelry. I wear our jewelry every day. And when I go to gala events I always wear big bold colorful earrings with a matching ring, depending on the color dress I’m wearing. I have many favorite pieces but at the moment I like anything emerald and titanium.

LL: Anything new on the horizon, from a business or marketing perspective, for the brand?

CH:  This year, our goal as a company is to have presence in all outlets. Through social media platforms, redesigning our online appearance, and being more accessible at shows. We want to grow our business as a whole, and let the consumers know we are here.

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