LUXURY Interview With Niveet Nagpal, Omi Privé

We are very excited to welcome Omi Privé back to the LUXURY family/community, and loved getting the chance to interview Niveet Nagpal, the brand’s president and designer, for this issue. Despite it being the busiest time of year for jewelers, Niveet was a great sport and gave us a beautiful window into his (and the brand’s) world of colored gemstone perfection and exquisite design.

LL: First off, we are thrilled to have you back at LUXURY. The Show definitely shines a bit brighter with your signature gemstone pieces in tow. Speaking of signature, can you tell us what the Omi Privé signature look and feel is? In other words, what is the essence of your brand?

NN: The essence of our brand comes from the colored gemstones and the influence they have on our designs. I design each piece around the gemstone so that it can properly showcase each gem’s unique properties, for this reason, many of our pieces are one of a kind designs. Our pieces are classic and timeless yet contain details and embellishments that make them unique and intriguing. Many of our pieces contain details only the wearer would even know exist. Our pieces are all hand fabricated locally in Los Angeles which is apparent in the quality and durability of our collection.


LL: How did you get started in jewelry?

NN: My family has been in the colored gemstone industry for five generations, so you could say that a passion for gemstones is in my blood. We originally started creating jewelry because the retail stores we had been supplying gemstone to were requesting jewelry containing the fine quality gemstones they were already acquiring from us. After spending some time learning design and manufacturing we launched Omi Prive. Coming from colored gemstone roots I am very proud to have won several design awards including AGTA spectrum awards, JCK Jeweler’s choice grand prize, and the only craftsmanship award presented by the Platinum Guild.


LL: Do you wear jewelry? If so what?

NN: I wear my wedding ring, an emerald cut alexandrite and diamond band. I also wear “Alexis” a Gecko brooch made up of alexandrite rough, black and white diamonds, and of course tsavorite eyes and a ruby tongue.


LL: What are your most popular/memorable styles and /or pieces from the collection?

NN: Our duet collection has been extremely popular this year. In addition to the traditional ruby and sapphire version we have added a collection of pieces containing blackened metal and sapphires along with pieces that mix tourmaline and spinel with alexandrite halos.


LL:  What types of pieces would you say are your top sellers for the Holidays?

NN: In addition to or duet pieces above we are always excited about our rare one of a kind pieces. We have recently added an incredible lighting ridge opal ring, a demantoid garnet ring, as well as a 3ct+ Emerald cutalexandrite ring.


LL: Do you have any fun plans for the Holidays?

NN: Work hard, play hard! Of course, it’s a busy time of the year for our industry so I’m looking forward to spending a few days off and a short vacation/holiday with my wife and two young children.


LL: What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

NN: I would say taking the family out to select our Christmas tree. It’s always fun to decorate the tree together while listening to holiday music. We make a new ornament for the kids each year that represents their most memorable moment or milestone.


LL: What is your favorite Holiday indulgence?

NN: My favorite holiday indulgence, that’s a tough one.  The holidays feel like one big indulgence. If I have to choose a specific one I would say my mom’s bread pudding!


LL: What’s in store for Omi Privé in the New Year? (i.e. new collections/pieces, new marketing initiatives or retailer initiatives?)

NN: We are very excited about 2017. We are working on a couple of new collections, including a colored gemstone bridal line.) We are planning on having more gemstone events with our retail partners. They have been very successful in educating and creating confidence with consumers about the rarity of colored gemstones and the quality and passion of our brand.

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