LUXURY 2017 Anecdotes

– From the brands, designers, and influencers

who made it a memorable show


The best part of Luxury 2017, as it is every year, is meeting the retailers. From those we know and speak to frequently at the office, to those we speak to but have never met and especially all the new stores that we discover while they are discovering us. Forging those relationships into business partnerships that grow into friendships is the highlight of any show and Luxury brings those extra special people together.

– Madeleine Roslow, KC Designs


My favorite part of Luxury 2017 was the excitement retailers showed toward our new Sundance collection. The energy that generated was fantastic, and we gained a lot of positive feedback.

– Peter Tonjes, Ed Levin


My favourite moment was discovering jewellery and some interesting gems at Graziela Gems. Graziela was particularly proud of jewellery with new Denim Aqua – an aquamarine of unique blue colour with very little green. I also loved her jewellery with paraiba tourmalines.

– Katerina Perez, Influencer,

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