Hotline Bling: Retailer Stocking Guide

What to stock this holiday season, straight from our favorite retailers

We all wish we had some sort of crystal ball that could predict what the holiday season will be like, but no matter how many times we’ve asked Santa to deliver, it just doesn’t seem to be a thing. Should you pay more attention to price-point? One-of-a-kind splurges? What about current trends? Though it does depend on your particular market and location, your experience year after year will take you almost all the way—as for the rest, we can help! We asked some of our favorite retailers how they plan to tackle this burgeoning holiday season—and they answered. Our favorite part: Some of our very own LUXURY exhibitors made cameo appearances, offering not only the high-end goods we love them for, but some fabulous stocking stuffer options, too.


“We promo diamond studs like crazy every Christmas—we sell between 400-500 pairs every year—and also diamond wedding bands. We’ll be heavy in price-points and fashion silver with bracelets from Alisa and Thistle and Bee.” —Alan Perry, Perry’s Emporium, Wilmington, NC


“Since we have moved our location only about seven weeks ago, we are finding that diamonds, along with colored gemstones, are what we have been selling. Lafonn and Pandora are also doing great. Last but not least, Alamea and Marahlago—especially with Larimar—are doing well. We are

expecting a great holiday season at our new location!” ­—Larry Sanders, Sanders Jewelers in Pasadena, MD.


“It always seems like it’s the classics people come in for, like diamond pendants, earrings, and bracelets, and birthstone jewelry. We find that rings can be intimidating for men to purchase because of the whole what’s-her-size thing, so diamond pendants are usually the piece they gravitate towards.” —Angela Cisneros, K.Jons Diamonds & Gems, Atascadero, CA


“Classic diamond jewelry is always a must, but this season I am definitely stocking Les Georgettes cuffs. This is the fastest turning line we have ever had in the store. Since April 23, we have sold over 200 pieces!” —Maria Aguirre, Benold’s Jewelers, Austin, TX


“Because of the diversity of our clientele, we stock a range of merchandise in all categories. Everything we sell is primarily made by individual designers—much of it is one-of-a-kind. There is definitely a sweet spot regarding price point, which seems to be between $500 and $2,500.” —Bruce Lubman, Hummingbird Jewelers, Rhinebeck, NY


“Yellow gold is back and stronger than ever, especially in sunny Florida. Everyone needs an updated classic hoop earring! These are my favorites and fall in a nice price point category of under $1,500.” —Shannon Green Long, Shannon Green Collection, Naples, FL


“This year, we feel the need to go back to basics. Diamond fashion bands, pendants, and earrings stocked in every price point will mean we don’t miss a sales opportunity. I would also love to see created diamonds begin to take off. Mounting lab diamonds in great, fast-selling settings means we get to show off a new product in an impressive way. The customers will love the price point and quality, and we’ll love the better margins.” —Kyle Bullock Bullock’s Jewelry, Roswell, NM


“With all the uncertainty in the world, I find my customers seeking jewelry that has meaning. I have many clients asking for lockets, embracing sentimentality and their value of family. The beauty of selling a locket is that you are helping people to connect with what really matters in their lives. It’s spreading love and happiness, and my clients come back over and over to maintain that connection. ”  —Jamie Camche, J L Rocks, Westport, CT


“This year we are shifting our focus from statement pieces to dainty, diamond-centric pieces that can be layered. We have had great success with simple round bezel solitaire pendants, so this year we are adding fancy-shape versions in multiple categories. We love how these items can be worn individually or layered for a more dramatic look.” —Kristin Varlas-Morgan, Diamonds Direct


“We are stocking items in two-tone colored gold—our Romance collection. The soft pink tone is sure to remind those of the holiday season all year round!” —Tesh Chugani, Kay’s Fine Jewelry, The Caribbean


“For me, it’s important to stock the big hitters this time of year—I’m looking for homeruns. I must have big color and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. I also like to make sure I have other gifts in stock that aren’t jewelry: Lalique and Daum Crystal are always nice options. And of course I always make sure to have a strong representation of my designer brands that do well. We keep our eyes on trends but don’t necessarily care to follow them too much; if it’s an item that other stores in town are going to stock, then we don’t want it. We just like to be different, and to us, different is good.” —Marcus Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX


“We see a trend in stackable bands; particularly Gabriel & Co. has been doing well for us. We’ve also seen an increase in estate pieces of all styles, but primarily rings. Rose gold and morganite continues to be a strong combination for us, and we are well-stocked for the holidays!” —Chris Lyons, Adele Diamond, Virginia Beach, VA


“Estate jewelry continues to be very popular and the mainstay of our business. Old European cut diamonds have continued to gain in popularity and are difficult for us to keep in stock for engagement rings. Victorian jewelry is also well-liked, specifically gold tassel earrings and dainty rings. The most quickly sold feature turquoise, onyx, agate, or ruby. The approachable price point—$1,000 or under—and unrivaled uniqueness of these pieces of history have customers saying how much they love and covet their purchases.” —Lauri Horton, Lippa’s Estate & Fine Jewelry, Burlington, Vermont

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