The Holiday List: What to Stock for the Best Sales Season Ever

This holiday season, you’ll welcome shoppers from all walks of life through your doors. The newlyweds celebrating their first holiday, or the new parents. The collegiate shopping for the perfect gift for Mom, or the harried husband or dad seeking that just-right token of love. The self-shopper, because why shouldn’t they get themselves a little something? The sisters, the best friends, the guy nervously trying to find something special for his new SO. But the one thing they all have in common, is that they’re coming to you for that jewel to mark each individual occasion—no pressure or anything. How to please them all? Well, with a little luck, a lot of planning, and some really killer jewelry that they won’t be able to leave the store without. Here are the five categories you should pay special attention to this holiday season, featuring jewels courtesy of your favorite LUXURY by JCK brands.

Diamonds Are Forever

It doesn’t really matter who’s on the list: A diamond jewel will almost always do the trick. Be it the classic stud earring or delicate, sparkling band; fashion-forward or classic jewel box staple; budget or investment—how can you go wrong?

The Team Player

Think pieces that would look just as great in a stack or a group as they would on their own: Petite rings, tiny stud earrings, smaller pendants, slim bangles. They’re easier for shoppers to purchase when they don’t have a precise wishlist, since giftees can easily sport jewels like these no matter what else they already own. Plus, there’s the collectible factor: Once you start wearing jewelry in groups, there’s always room for more.

The Statement Maker

The jewelry itself makes a statement as much as its giftability factor: Those shopping for something big and bold are looking to impress (or declare their love, or spoil someone rotten—perhaps themselves, even). Stock a selection of momentous jewels, be them cocktail rings and major necklaces, for your customers with a big budget and big dreams.

Everything Exceptional

Not exactly the same as the statement piece, this look can be large or small—as long as it’s different. Look for designs that make you stop and stare—styles that you feel as if you’ve never really seen before. Customers will appreciate the individuality, as well as the feeling that no one else will be sporting the same thing they are. Bonus points for one-of-a-kind creations, but an air of individuality is prized no less.


 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a must when it comes to your price point category, both from big name brands like Tacori and independent designers as well. Shoppers on a budget will appreciate the sweet spot selection costing $1,000 and less, but don’t hesitate to go beyond for those must-have designers, too. Tis the season!



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