Diamonds & Millennials – Discussing the ‘Real is Rare’ Campaign with the DPA

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Our team had a chance to sit down with Deborah Marquardt, Chief Marketing Officer of Diamond Producers Association, an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies, who together represent the majority of world’s diamond production, and pick her brain about their mission, the ‘Real is Rare‘ campaign, as well as her thoughts on millennials and diamonds. Read what she had to say below, and learn more on their website by visiting

1. What is the Diamond Producers Association’s (DPA) mission?
Nurturing the consumer relationship with diamonds is central to the DPA’s mission, and we conduct proprietary research to fully understand the millennial mindset toward diamonds. For a hyper-connected generation bombarded by marketing messages, our research has found that they ultimately prize authenticity in both their relationships AND their products – whether it’s denim or diamonds.

DPA Wedding2. What is the ‘Real is Rare’ campaign?

The ‘Real is Rare’ campaign is our category marketing and communications platform for diamonds. ‘Real is Rare’ aims to speak to millennial consumers to show them that diamonds are the best expression of authentic love and commitment — however they choose to express it. We continue to expand our efforts across the U.S. market and look forward to launching in India this September and in China in April 2018.

3. How are your marketing efforts engaging millennials consumers?
It is vital to engage millennials through stories in which they can see themselves – stories that can inspire them to adapt and retell on their own, as they place significant value on having an individual identity. In a departure from traditional diamond advertising codes, the ‘Real is Rare’ platform highlights love and commitment as worthy of a diamond, linking diamonds to the authentic emotion and connection, rather than simply the ritual.

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