Designer Profile: Laura Bicego, Nanis

Our chat with Laura Bicego from Nanis Italian Jewels was a bright spot in the long cold winter. Her passion for the art of jewelry and her style and design sensibility, combined with expert craftsmanship, makes for pure jewelry magic. A relative newcomer to the community, we are thrilled to feature Laura and Nanis and welcome the brand back for its second year at LUXURY.

LL: Tell us about your beginnings in jewelry. How did Nanis come to be?

LB: My husband Piero and I founded Nanis in 1990, putting great emphasis on a strong brand identity. I was born into a family of jewellers in the countryside of Vicenza, Italy, so I have experienced since childhood the joy of creating beautiful things. I am a polyhedric designer and a passionate manager. Every day I turn thousands of ideas into creative impulses that I try to transmit with extreme precision and enthusiasm to my staff. I want to share with them the real magic that lays behind the creation of jewels adding a sparkle of bursting vitality into everything I touch and do!

LL: What is the essence of your brand?

LB: The essence is in our new leadline: Fabbrica del Lusso Italiano contemporaneo (Italian Factory of contemporary luxury). In all of our Collections, ancient traditions and art of goldsmith typical of our area – Vicenza, Italy – meet and merge with the artistic and creative suggestion of this land. It is our choice to design and produce all our jewels here in Italy. Jewels that are beautiful are a natural consequence of a well-done job- the extreme attention to detail, accuracy and precision of handmade workmanships typical of the local artisan. This leads to a concept of luxury, which goes beyond any mere fashion/aesthetical concept. It’s a deep-rooted luxury which finds its reason really in the genesis of our jewels.

LL: What are 3 words that would most accurately describe Nanis the brand?

LB: Italian Factory of contemporary luxury.

LL: What are 3 words that would most accurately describe you?

LB: Inspired explorer, physical, and feminine.

LL: What are your interests outside of jewelry? Do you have any hobbies?

LB: I love music. I dream music. I like jazzy, Bossanova, soft music. I also like disco music. This is why, whenever I can, I try to go to gigs. I am also into art. I could spend hours inside a museum. Bothero is one of my favorites. See, the shape of Botero are round and fat. I like roundness.

I love travelling, so I am very lucky with my job, but when I am at home cooking becomes a ritual where I am captivated by what I am doing. I love to re-discover traditional dishes. But at the same time, I love to transform the tastes using my own interpretation of how to prepare a dish.

LL: What’s your dream vacation?

LB: I would like to go to India. I don’t think I’m ready yet to get the real soul of India. Right now, maybe I’m too stressed. India might be amazing, but it might be terrifying as well because of the poverty. I want to go to India for sure. I’ve already been to China, the middle east, Saudi, I’m going to go to Siberia, as well. Thailand is a place I also really love. I also want to go to Africa, but India is next on my list. That’s one place I am really attracted to.

LL: Do you like Las Vegas? What do you do while there to un-wind after the shows?

LB: I loved it! At night, most of time we were having nice and relaxed dinner, often with clients, but we also enjoyed a lot the live-music clubs of Vegas. In the morning, we tried to wake up early to do some sport, a nice walk in the park or a swim at the hotel swimming pool. We did not have enough time to take advantage of the spa, but for sure, this is on our to-do list!

LL: What’s new for the brand in 2017? Can you give us a sneak peak or teaser of what you’ll debut in Vegas?

LB: New Collections and new concepts, more in line with the market trends. Fashion forward designs but always reflecting our strong identity, with the highest level of craftsmanship and design, with extreme attention to detail, accuracy and precision of hand-made workmanships from techniques developed long ago.


LB: We chose LUXURY because it starts earlier than any other show, it is very supportive with exhibitors and gives higher visibility. Besides, we find it more concentrated and focused on the business.

LL: What, in your opinion, is the one essential piece of jewelry every woman should have?

LB: A piece that could really express herself, and a piece that a woman would wear all of the time, fully enjoying the pleasure of wearing a precious jewel. It could be a fresh, glowing, rutilated quartz bracelet from the Ipanema Collection, an unexpected revolutionary like a Trasformista, a white gold long necklace – which creates a white pearls effect – from Dancing in the Rain, the original and vintage feel of Amarcord rings, or the rounded and sexy shape of Cachemire jewels.

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