4 Effortless Summer Jewelry Styles

Now that summer has finally arrived, we can all don those warm-weather fashions we’ve been eyeing so longingly. And the perfect complement for a wardrobe refresh? New jewelry, of course—the kind that makes a style statement and exudes effortless elegance.

From demure diamonds that sparkle like stars to colorful gemstones as mouthwatering as popsicles, these four styles are just what everyone needs in their summer jewelry collection. Keep an eye out for them—and ones like them—when you visit JCK’s LUXURY show. Your customers will be glad you did!

Turquoise is the quintessential summer gemstone. What keeps it delightfully fresh and unpredictable is designers’ original interpretations.

Delicate Diamonds
Summer requires one to lighten up on almost everything, from clothing to jewelry. Lightweight pieces like these diamond-dotted treats are just the way to do it.

Bold and Bright
While we gravitate toward deeper, darker colors in wintertime, summer awakens a thirst for brightness—the more color, the better. Look for multicolor styles in both a single gemstone and cleverly curated assortments.

Sterling Silver
There’s something easy, breezy, and oh-so-summery about a sterling silver piece. Whether it’s the typically lighter price tag or the pleasingly simple silhouettes—or a combination of both—sterling is a warm-weather staple.

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