JCK Tucson Social Report

5:59 PM (MST). The sun set in Tucson, AZ and just like that four days of a show filled with inspiration, stunning collections, top-notch gems and cacti, came to an end. It’s hard to say which part of the show was our favorite so show-goers that one is up to you.

The days were filled wonder and left no stone unturned–pun intended. Early-morning hikes connected us deeply to the natural surroundings. Sunrise yoga offered grace and relaxation. Stepping inside the show floor came with a breath of fresh jewelry that exemplified design and invention. Some hours offered industry luminaries that spoke without hesitation about industry interruption and how to succeed. And the evenings were spent strengthening the relationships with those around that all share common goals.

Rewind and reminisce as you pass through the highlights that are forever in our memories (and luckily forever on Instagram, too!) See you in 2019 – Wednesday, February 6 – Saturday, February 9!


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