Fireside Chat Q+A with Jennifer Shaheen

It has been said that Jennifer Shaheen has a hacker’s mind and an entrepreneur’s heart – two beneficial features for the founder of The Technology Therapy® Group to possess. Luckily for those of you attending JCK Tucson, the nationally known presenter and moderator will be leading 3 morning sessions of can’t-miss educational conversations. These trending topics will include how to meet demands with Mobile Marketing, the impact of social media on business and customer retention, and the importance of in storytelling in the digital marketplace. For now, we sat down with the inspiring leader herself to get to know the voice behind some of this year’s JCK Tucson Fireside Chats!

JCK: Let’s start off with a description of your day… in numbers

JS: 4 dog walks. 200 emails. 3 cups of coffee. 20 calls or meetings. 30 minute commute. 3,600 seconds on social media. 60 minutes of learning. 1 indulgence.

JCK: What is your background in the jewelry industry, how did you get your start?

JS: My involvement with the jewelry industry was a true case of perfect timing. I started my digital agency in college in 1997 and in 2013 I was asked to speak at IJO. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity – I love fashion and great accessories almost as much as I love working with designers, retailers and brands who do so much to make the world a more beautiful place. My background as a digital marketer and developer in the retail world was what I was most passionate about and now I had the opportunity to combine that with my love of fashion and luxury.

JCK: What fascinates you about technology and why is it so important?

JS: Everything fascinates me about technology! I love the speed, agility and limitless possibilities the right digital platforms can provide. I have always seen technology as the greatest competitive advantage for growing businesses. The most important thing for me as a digital marketer and business owner is the insights we can get from understanding people’s use of and interactions with technology. The combination of data metrics and personal customer conversations – the information known as thick data – helps provide today’s jewelry stores and brands with a better picture of what their customers really enjoy.

JCK: Do you wear jewelry? If so what?

JS: YES! Fine and fashion jewelry has always been a personal passion. I have to confess I have an armoire for a jewelry box. Like many professional women, I take pride in purchasing my own fine jewelry. Each piece serves as a reminder in my life – it’s my way of celebrating 20 years of business milestones.

JCK: What was one of your most memorable moments from a JCK Show?

JS: One of my most memorable moments was the Instagram Training on the show floor in 2017. Looking out to see hundreds of people eager to learn and understand the power of a platform that connects so many people is thrilling.

JCK: What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

JS: I’m so excited about where technology is going: the world of data, the ability to leverage machine learning and AI – artificial intelligence. As today’s consumer adopt and use new technology, we have more opportunities to understand the data they leave behind. I know for some people this is scary, but for me it is thrilling.

JCK: What is in store for The Technology Therapy® Group in the future?

JS: Working closely with jewelry owners, brands and manufactures for the past five years we have learned that there’s a real need to better understand customer’s behavior. We’re creating the tools to provide that clarity, including journey maps that reveal what shoppers do and don’t enjoy about your website. We will be launching our new smart web platform that collects data from customers as they browse and learns from their visits to provide more tailored, individual experiences that encourage repeat visits. Think of it like presenting a unique web experience for each of your target audiences without the need to build multiple websites.

JCK: Since we know your are just as excited for JCK Tucson as we are, can you share with our readers a small glimpse of the topics and conversation that you think will prominent during the show?

JS: There’s been a tremendous amount of change in the areas of social media and mobile marketing. Look for chats focused on the value of storytelling, and why this is the best way to connect with your customers – especially if you’re trying to cut through a lot of noise and make an impact in a crowded competitive marketplace.

See you at the Fireside Chats of JCK Tucson, January 31 – February 3! 

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