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Things you might (almost) forget to bring to JCK Tucson

There are two types of people: those who plan way ahead—packing one, two, even three weeks before jetting off to their destinations—and those who wait until the last minute. Neither one is necessarily wrong or right, so choose whatever works best for you. But no matter which type you are, a packing list can help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget anything important. Here are five JCK Tucson essentials to help you get started. Be sure to add basics like plane tickets, phone chargers, and business cards. Beyond that, we’ll leave the details to you.

Pssst…while you’re waiting to board the plane (or when you’re en route), check out our schedule of events for last-minute plans at the show.

1. Comfortable walking shoes

You know this one already! There are a few key aspects of comfort when it comes to JCK Tucson. First, it’s not the massive show you may be used to at JCK Las Vegas—so if you’re feeling daring, go ahead and break out the fancy footwear. Second, have a backup, just in case. Bring a good pair of sneakers or comfortable walking shoes, because there is ample opportunity for walking off the show floor. From early morning desert hikes to exploring downtown, your feet will be put to the test despite the intimacy of the show—so be prepared.

2. Jacket

Sure, it’s the desert, but those Tucson nights can get chilly even if you’re coming from a colder climate and can’t wait for a break from your winter clothes. Bring a lightweight jacket to keep you comfy, cozy, and warm during bonfire evenings while you network under the stars.

3. Yoga pants

No, not for the show floor—for the yoga mat! For two mornings during JCK Tucson, Jewelers for Children (JFC) will put on Yoga Gives Back, a rejuvenating hour that will refresh your mind and body while contributing to JFC. Win, win! If yoga isn’t your thing, keep those yoga pants in the suitcase for visits to the spa at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass, or for desert hikes. You’ll spend plenty of time dressed up for the show floor and evening events, but there are opportunities to go casual, too!

4. Notebook or tablet

You’re probably used to taking notes on the show floor, but a schedule packed with educational events means you’ll want a handy way to record everything you learn. Whether you prefer handwritten or typed notes, bring a device you’re comfortable using to keep track of all the great information you’re sure to gather. A number of Fireside Chats will fill your educational quota for the week, and our lineup of extraordinary exhibitors will provide you with lots of noteworthy takeaways, too.

5. Pouch or rubber bands

If you have a glamorous business card organizer, more power to you. But in case you don’t, grab a small makeup pouch—or even a rubber band—to keep your cards organized in your purse or your pocket. You’ll have plenty of networking opportunities to collect business cards both on and off the show floor, and you’ll be glad to have a way to corral them all. Another solution: Take photos of the cards each evening when you get back to your room. (Back them up on the Cloud, just in case!) You’ll have less to carry home, and you won’t have to worry about losing your contacts’ details.

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