Ready, Set, Jet: Italy Vacation Journal

insider-vacationjournal-kdinitalyphotobarWhere did you go on vacation?

Italy! We had a friend’s wedding scheduled on the Amalfi Coast, so we decided that we’d travel throughout Italy: starting in Rome, spending a night in Florence, traveling through Tuscany, spending a week on the Amalfi Coast, and then leaving back out of Rome.

What was your favorite memory from your trip?

Swimming in the Mediterranean. The water is so clear and when you’re swimming around, you just look out on the cliffs and know you’ll never ever forget it.

Favorite meal or restaurant?

La Tagliata- Positano, Italy. It’s a family run restaurant up in the hills above Positano. There’s no menu and the family decides what they serve that night. There were twenty five different small plates, all of them authentic and wonderful ranging from gnocchi to roasted vegetables and zucchini flowers.

What did you pack? Any secret packing tips when going away for an extended trip like that?

It was summer in Italy, so anything that could bear hot weather, but also the things that you want to show off in such a style centric country. So, of course, I packed 5 swimsuits, 3 pairs of sunglasses, all necessities! For such a long trip, I packed tons of separates that I could mismatch and change the outfit. There was this one shirt I got from StitchFix that I wore on three different days, one with shorts, one with shorts, and one with pants. I definitely didn’t want want to pack too much as we were traveling so much from city to city.

What was your personal style mantra for this vacation?

Go Simple, Be Comfortable, but always wear bright lipstick.

Any advice for people making their way out there next?

Read this blog called Katie Parla if you’re going to Rome. She also has an app, and if you want, will customize an itinerary. She is an American, but has been living in Rome for quite some time. I just used the app, but honestly, every restaurant and bar recommendation she had was spot on… so much so that Italians I know kept remarking about what good, authentic places I went to.

Tell us about the jewelry in your essentials box

(From left to right). This Ayesha Studio bracelet was a perfect day-to-night wear. From sightseeing by day around the scenic coast to dressing up an outfit for an evening out, it was easily one of my most versatile pieces. The dancing bones choker from Lauren & Gracia added a fun edge to any of my outfits. Adel Chefridi’s daydream pendant necklace was another every day staple, adding a simple elegance to my look. This ring from Ron Hami was a subtle yet stunning accessory to don for all of our authentic Italian dinners out. My Suzy Landa earrings were another daily wear. I loved wearing my Kaali ring from the Maya Collection. The moonstone center made it the perfect statement piece to round out my essentials for the trip. All of these pieces are inspired by those you will see at JCK Tucson this February.


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