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The MJSA Pavilion is going to be one of the most fascinating areas to explore this February at JCK Tucson. Filled with some of the brightest innovators of the industry, it will showcase companies marrying technology and jewelry to bring more advanced manufacturing methods to designers and unique experiences and products to their customers.

B9Creations, founded by Mike Joyce in 2011, broke barriers in technology when it developed what is known as the B9Creator. The 3-D printing machine is taking jewelry manufacturing and the customer experience to a whole new level. This week, we’re getting an in-depth look at B9Creations, how the company is affecting today’s jewelry industry, and why everyone there is excited to be a part of JCK Tucson!

What sparked the innovation of the B9Creator?

The reinvention of the airplane! Our founder, Mike Joyce, a former Air Force pilot, was on a mission to improve the way aircraft were manufactured when he became interested in 3-D printing technology. After much research, he became dissatisfied with the quality of output available for the price. He then changed his plans and decided that he would capture the potential of 3-D printing himself by leveraging his background in mathematics, software development, and robotics. It was only by chance that we were introduced into the jewelry industry when some of Mike’s early customers tried casting the resins he was using and saw outstanding results. From there, we have continued to tailor the B9Creator as well as other B9Creations products to the jewelry industry and offer it a high-resolution, professional-grade solution at an affordable price.

What are the top benefits of the B9Creator when it comes to jewelry manufacturing?

There are many benefits when it comes to the B9Creator and jewelry manufacturing. One of our most prominent missions at B9Creations is to provide professional-grade solutions and the lowest operating costs in the industry. The ability to go from printing to casting in the same day is another benefit that our users love, along with the affordable castable resins.

What types of materials does the B9Creator use to manufacture jewelry?

B9Creations uses a factory-developed photopolymer resin that casts just like wax. Many of our customers use our yellow resin in their traditional wax casting process and get great results. From gold to sterling silver to platinum, our resins have jewelers covered.

How has the B9Creator revolutionized jewelry customers’ experience?

Jewelry customers can now participate in multiple aspects of the jewelry-making process they couldn’t before. Many of our customers use the B9Creator to provide approval prints to their customers in less than an hour! Customers also have the option to “try before they buy” when their jeweler prints multiple versions of a piece, each with slightly different features so they can choose the one that suits them best. Previously, it was too expensive and labor-intensive to produce multiple designs, but with the B9Creator in-house, a jeweler can turn several computer-aided designs into printed pieces, snap sample stones into place, and let the customer try each one on in a matter of a couple of hours at a cost of only a few dollars.

What sets the B9Creator apart from other 3-D printers?

The B9Creator utilized DLP technology, which also makes the process faster than some other techniques. This process allows you to print 10 rings in four hours versus other machines that would add time for each additional ring placed on the build table. Our machine has adjustable resolution so jewelers can quickly switch from doing high-precision micro-prongs to large bangles on the same machine, offering the flexibility that jewelers need.

Why are you excited to be a part of JCK Tucson this February?

We are so excited to be a part of JCK Tucson and show how our product offerings will continue to serve the jewelry industry with professional affordable solutions!

How important is the relationship between jewelry and technology?

Technology is something that is forever changing our lives and businesses. It is very important to jewelers that they start to utilize this technology. There are only so many jobs you can take on when you are still hand-carving. This technology allows you to continue to create, accept work you wouldn’t have been able to take on before, and better serve your customers in our modern-day world. Embracing the learning curve of adopting CAD/CAM is going to be the tipping point of the jewelry industry. This is where we see the biggest struggle, and we have partnered with our jewelry friends at Red Door Distributions to bring a solution and integrate 3-D printing technology into their jewelry business while they are still learning CAD/CAM. The CAD Keeper website here allows customers to pick out the pre-designed rings that typical customers need and has CAD designers bid on helping them create their own custom designs.

Where do you see B9Creations 5, 10 years from now?

Our company has grown from a Kickstarter-funded startup to a multimillion-dollar business serving customers in more than 50 countries around the world in just a few years. The key to our success is ensuring that our solutions deliver as promised and provide a fast return on investment for jewelers and other business owners. We believe that our focus will keep us relevant for many years to come as we expand our product offerings to suit a wider variety of jewelry businesses and applications. We have exciting developments on the way that will make 3-D printing easier and faster, allowing the technology to be adopted in even more applications across the industry.

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