Tips for Staying Safe at JCK Las Vegas

The safety and security of our staff, exhibitors and attendees is our priority. We work closely with the venue, corporate security, state, local and federal law enforcement authorities to identify risks, assess them and develop security plans for our events.

“At Reed Exhibitions we believe through proactive engagement with venue security leadership, Federal/State/Local Law enforcement entities, risk assessments and a heightened security presence emphasizing tactical assets will cement our place as an industry leader in security producing an effective posture for tradeshows” – Mark Bartlett, Security Director

The Las Vegas Metro Police and the JCK security staff will be out in force to shield buyers and exhibitors from harm, but jewelers must always pay close attention to proper security procedures. Keep your guard up, and follow these security recommendations:

Tips for Both Exhibitors and Buyers

Show Badge – Do not wear your Show badge away from Show areas at Mandalay Bay. When finally leaving the show, do not discard your badge carelessly, for example in a garbage can, allowing anyone to pick it up and enter the Show.

Be Discreet – Don’t identify yourself as a jeweler in public places such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, taxis and buses, for example, with a shopping bag with a jewelry name. Be careful in discussing jewelry business in public places away from the Show.

Be Careful When Carrying Bags – Be careful when moving bags between the Show and your hotel room, including laptops, large purses and other items. Criminals could mistake your bags for jewelry goods, or target your other valuables, such as laptops.

Be Cautious on Social Media – Do not reveal Las Vegas travel dates and plans on social media, or through websites or other means, which could make you, your residence or business more vulnerable due to your announced absence.

Pickpockets – Keep pocketbooks zipped closed and in your possession, especially in restaurants. Do not carry a wallet in a back pocket.

Flashing Cash – Do not display large amounts of cash, whether in casinos or elsewhere.

Too Much Alcohol – Drink moderately so that you always have your full wits and judgement.

Report Suspicions – If you see something, say something. Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious, or out of place to Show staff or security immediately. We are all part of the security team.

Hotel Room Safes – Significant valuables should not be left in hotel room safes, which have been the source of significant burglary losses.

Special Tips for Exhibitors

Armored Courier Service – Ship your goods to the Show by an armored courier service. Verify end-of-Show shipping arrangements several days before the Show closes.

Show Vault – Vault your goods at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center immediately upon arrival in Las Vegas, and keep your goods secured except during exhibit hours.

No Hotel Room Shows – Private and unauthorized hotel room shows present a serious security risk to you, your customers, and to other hotel guests. Keep your goods safely in Show vaults.

Booth Control – Even with intense buyer traffic, and during setup and break down, you must always control the merchandise at your booth. If you do not have enough personnel to control your merchandise at the booth, consider hiring a security officer. Promptly return your goods to the Show vaults or appropriate safe or guarded locations when the Show closes for the evening. Goods not placed in show vaults, booth safes or guarded locations can disappear.

Showcases Locked – Do not leave showcases unlocked except to take out or return merchandise.

For additional details regarding the increased security at the JCK Show, visit:

For help with questions concerning jewelry security, call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 1-800-537-0067 or email JSA at

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