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Jewelry predictions for the 2018 Oscars

Who’s ready for the 2018 Academy Awards? Even if you haven’t seen all (or even a few) of the movies, you can’t deny the magnetic pull of a good awards show—particularly if you’re in it for the fashion and jewelry.

With many of this year’s red carpet events being dedicated to the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp initiative, it can seem frivolous to put much importance on who’s wearing what and how many carats their diamond necklace features. Still, let’s not deny the importance of fashion, and its role in making a statement. It is, after all, a beautiful form of art and expression.

Take, for example, the Golden Globes. As you’ll remember, the vast majority of women on the red carpet wore black—a show of solidarity with the aforementioned movements. The BAFTAs’ red carpet mirrored that of the Golden Globes, the BRITs, and the Grammys, with both initiatives acknowledged by a single white rose, either carried or worn on a lapel.

Particularly noteworthy at the Golden Globes (though not limited to that show) was the abundance of emerald jewelry. According to a recent W Magazine article, that was no accident. It’s a gemstone that signifies “hope, renewal, and growth,” so its prominence is about more than the fact that it looks really good with a black dress.

So, what to expect for the 2018 Oscars red carpet? Given that this is arguably the biggest event of the awards show season, the styles are likely to be even grander and more spectacular. We can anticipate the most exceptional sightings—likely in big earring and necklace form. Diamonds? Yes. But given the importance of emeralds (and their ubiquity on red carpets most years anyway), let’s emphasize them. Here are some dazzling suggestions for this year’s Academy Awards. (Celebrities whose wardrobes aren’t yet finalized, take note.)



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