Red and pink for Valentine’s Day and beyond

When you think of Valentine’s Day in terms of colors, you probably think pink and red—colors that evoke passion and romance, often seen on holiday merchandise of all sorts. Yes, the lovey-dovey duo is the perfect representation of Valentine’s Day, but this year it’s doing double duty.

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the recent runway shows at Fashion Week in New York—not to mention the streets surrounding them—you may have noticed that red and pink pairings aren’t just for February’s major retail holiday. The color combo makes an electrifying style statement, which might explain why trend stalkers eager to get photographed outside fashion shows are wearing it (the bolder, the better).

Will the red-pink love affair flourish or fizzle in Fashion Weeks of the future? The jury is still out, but for now it’s going strong. Try pairing shades of red and pink in gemstone form at the front of your store for an especially eye-catching Valentine’s Day display—starting with jewels like these.


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