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There’s a lot to do at JCK Las Vegas, from seeing as many exhibitors as possible to catching special events like JCK Talks presentations and fashion shows. And you’ll want to do all this while trying to network and socialize. Of course, it’s worth the effort.

But ya know what doesn’t take much effort? The JCK Match program. For both exhibitors and attending shoppers, it’s one of the simplest, most useful things you can do pre-show. (You won’t even lose valuable time on the show floor.)

For retailers, it’s like this: You’ve got a long list of exhibitors to see at the show. Covering them all would be impossible (unless you borrow a Time Turner from Harry Potter, giving you unlimited hours on the show floor to magically cover every square foot). In reality, you’ve got to prioritize. There are your favorite brands, those you have established partnerships with, and then there’s your wish list—interesting brands you hope to start a partnership with. But what about those undiscovered exhibitors who just might be your jewelry soulmates if only you could find each other? That’s were JCK Match comes in. Answer a series of questions about what you’re looking for before the show—product or service—and let the program find the ideal brands for you.

For vendors, it’s the same beautiful, match-made-in-heaven deal: Just make sure you’ve input your criteria via your exhibitor dashboard—details like what you specialize in, for example—and let the program do the rest.

Sounds awesome, right? But, like all relationships, JCK Match only works if everyone puts in the effort. Calling both teams! Experience your best, most successful JCK Las Vegas show yet by taking the easiest quiz ever.


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