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New Lab-Grown Diamond Exhibitors at JCK Tucson 2019

Lab-grown diamonds are a popular topic of conversation—one that’s on the industry’s collective mind these days—and with good reason.

According to the inaugural JCK State of the Jewelry Industry Report, 78 percent of all survey participants expected their sales of lab-grown diamonds to increase in 2018. Lab-grown diamonds are up in general, according to the survey. A whopping 62 percent of sellers saw an increase in their sales in 2017 over 2016, while 19 percent of all respondents said they sell lab-grown diamonds.

As the demand for responsibly sourced jewelry—and consequent sales—continues to increase in 2019, some jewelers may find that they like the idea of lab-grown diamonds for their stores, because they answer the call for traceable stones—one of many reasons to consider stocking lab-grown stones this year.

When you visit JCK Tucson, you’ll find a number of fantastic vendors of lab-grown stones, many exhibiting at the show for the first time.

Riddhi Corporation, from India, has produced lab-grown diamonds since 2014. New York City–based Lab Grown Diamond Inc., run by a team of fathers and daughters, offers lab-grown and fancy color stones. GoGreen Diamonds, also out of New York, produces grown diamonds and offers a line of finished jewelry. Finally, Classic Grown Diamonds, part of the New York–based Shashvat Diamonds, specializes in lab-grown stones of various shapes and sizes.

They’re all waiting to be discovered at JCK Tucson, whether you want to check those orders off your list or learn more about lab-grown stones up close and personal. Be sure to make your appointments, and add these exhibitors to your list of visits before the show!

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