The Millennial Market

Jewelry designs for the it crowd

A recent study by MVI Marketing (subsequently summarized by JCK Online here) gave us some insight into what consumers aged 25–40 are into when it comes to shopping for jewelry, shoes, and hotels.

In the study, which surveyed 1,001 female millennials with an annual household income of $75,000 or greater, 51 percent of respondents said they purchase jewelry for themselves. So if you’re keeping self-purchasers in mind when stocking your store, you’re on the right track. Furthermore, close to half of all respondents said they plan to buy a new pair of earrings this year, with necklaces a close second. Keep this gift of insight in mind as you plan for the upcoming holiday season.

Diamond jewelry, according to the survey, is the most in-demand style, followed by colored stones. Despite the yellow gold trend, which seems likely to expand, white metals were the alloys of choice among respondents. White gold was the most popular (35.3 percent said it was their preferred jewelry metal), with silver and platinum following.

While the survey offers some excellent insight for your store, given its small pool of respondents, it’s not an owner’s manual for surefire sales. The key takeaway: With results pointing to the importance of self-purchase-worthy items featuring diamonds (both in white and yellow metals), it’s smart business to focus a portion of your holiday sales stock on styles just like these.

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