Trends to Watch: Take Two

Bicolor Gemstones are Where it’s At

There’s nothing quite like a juicy colored gemstone. Except, of course, when that gemstone features more than one color.

Sometimes, their colors swirl together, twisting in a helix of succulent shades. Other times, the colors seem to saturate one another, blending together like drops of dye in water. Even still, there are those gemstones that are almost perfectly colorblocked, you can hardly believe this was done by nature.

But natural they are, which makes the bicolor (or tricolor, or more!) gemstone all the more miraculous.

It depends on the type of gemstone, which determines its multicolor appearance—whether it appears in distinct layers, like in agate, blocks of color, like ametrine, or in stripes, like tourmaline.

As we head into the winter of 2019, these bright, bursting looks will keep us going straight through to spring.

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