Summertime Blues

Fashion trends come and go, but some items remain synonymous with summer despite the passage of time. For example, warm-weather wardrobe staples like cut-off jean shorts, tank tops, and maxi dresses never seem out of style. Their equivalent in the jewelry world is turquoise.

Peaceful and serene, yet electric and eye-catching, turquoise comes in many different silhouettes. Historical squash blossom jewelry may come to mind when you think of turquoise—the look is prevalent in Native American culture and the Southwest—but the stone decorates jewelry in all forms and sizes.

Recent additions include small stud earrings with a tiny round of turquoise bezel-set as well as petite pendants adorned by accent-size stones of turquoise. Big rings featuring the stone are a sight to behold, while a large assortment of earrings also tempt consumers.

You’ll often see turquoise set in sterling silver, though precious metals such as yellow gold have been gaining ground; its warm, sunny glow makes the stone’s tones look even richer. 

Part of the endless summer appeal of turquoise lies in the fact that its vivid blues are a match made in heaven with denim, breezy white dresses, and golden tans. However, turquoise is versatile enough to move effortlessly through the seasons, looking spectacular with suede, cozy sweaters, and little black dresses in the fall, winters and spring. 

You’re probably planning your stock for fall and even the holidays at this point, but don’t hit pause on turquoise. Consider pieces like these for your end-of-summer events—and beyond. They’re perfect when shoppers need a burst of color to get them through the bleak midwinter. Turquoise is truly a star for all seasons. 

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