Spotlight Star: Steven Anton Rehage

Get to Know Steven Anton Rehage

It would be difficult to grow up in South Florida and not be influenced by the ocean. Steven Rehage was—collecting coins, driftwood, seashells and the like—and that inspiration has made its way into the designer’s career in jewelry. We asked Rehage a few questions about his business, his upcoming showing at JCK Tucson 2019 and more—and got a great story in return, so we’ll let the designer tell it, below.

New to JCK Tucson this year—and also setting up shop at JCK Las Vegas 2019—here’s a closer look at Steven Anton Rehage.

Tell us about your journey into jewelry design.
As a young boy I would spend hours walking along the shoreline looking for hidden treasure, day-dreaming about the pirates that had once sailed the Caribbean in the search of adventure and fortune.

I began collecting coins, driftwood, seashells, sea glass and even feathers—all of the riches that Mother Nature would reveal with each wave. I was intrigued by the effects that time and the elements had on all of these objects and was fascinated by the worn, softened edges and muted colors.

After studying Art History for a year abroad in Florence, Italy, I rediscovered my love of the sea and the desire to discover new and uncharted territory. Upon returning to FSU, I took classes in drawing, painting and silversmithing.  Inspired by the ancient techniques used to create the silver objects and jewelry that I had seen in museums, I began developing a signature hammered texture that captured the movement of sunlight on the ocean. While paying homage to the ancient silversmith, I learned to combine bold, yet classic and modern yet timeless designs in sterling silver.

I moved to New York City and I began designing large, one-of-a-kind pieces for runway shows and eventually had collaborations with Seventh Avenue designers and international design houses. I designed, manufactured and sold my collections throughout the years at numerous brick-and-mortar stores, as well as on TV and online venues. After a several-year hiatus of travel, adventures, and self-discovery, I decided it was time to re-introduce my collection at the JCK Tucson Show in 2019.

Tell us a bit about your current collection.
The introduction of brass and copper to classic designs adds a funky, global element to the collection. Large and unusual gemstones celebrate the concept of living in full color, and the use of knotted leather and wrapped wire makes the collection truly artsy and fashionable.

Who would you say is your ideal customer, or, who do you have in mind when you’re creating something new?
The woman who inspires me is confident.  She is fearless, yet humble, and appreciates simplicity of design and the quality of a handmade piece of jewelry.  She has a true sense of herself and seeks to embellish her world with interesting objects, jewelry, and art.  She is as unique as each one of my pieces and cherishes her individuality.

Tell us one thing you plan to do off the show floor in Tucson.
While in Tucson, I am looking forward to paying my respects to Mother Nature by going on early morning hikes and seeing a beautiful sunset or two. Time-permitting, I would like to visit some antique shops, flea markets and local museums.

Learn more about Steven Anton Rehage here and don’t miss him at JCK Tucson 2019—there’s still time to register! Register here.

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