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Clyde Sr. and Ann Bailey opened Bailey’s Fine Jewelry together in 1948. Clyde Sr. was a highly-skilled craftsman and watchmaker and Ann was a full time working mother which was very rare at the time. Their marriage was filled with talent and hard work – a perfect match. When Clyde Sr. tragically died at the age of 46, Ann, at just 36 years old, decided to take over the business and continue to run the store, becoming the first female business owner/operator in Nash County, North Carolina.

The love story continues as high school sweethearts Clyde Jr. and his wife Jane continue the family business, growing it to one of the largest and most respected luxury jewelry stores in the country and making Bailey’s Fine Jewelry North Carolina’s premier destination jewelry store.

Today, Bailey’s mission is to provide the best customer service in the country, which is a simple yet important motto that encompasses their complete focus on satisfying visitors. The store appreciates that the business is much more than the sale, the product or the job. At Bailey’s, they feel privileged to share some of the most significant occasions in people’s lives, and continually work to enhance their special moments while building rewarding relationships with their customers.

Bailey’s Hug Coordinators

On top of appreciating customers daily by making them feel welcome, providing complete and accurate information and delivering everything and more than promised, one stand-out way Bailey’s shows their appreciation for their patrons is with their “Hug Coordinator.”

In 2018, the store created the position as a way to assist in elevating its ability to delight and surprise customers daily. The Hug Coordinator’s sole goal is to work with sales associates to create and execute personalized custom gifts and kind gestures. This could include a range of things from a small gift with a personalized note to tickets to an upcoming show in New York when the staff knows a customer will be traveling. Their collaboration with a “hugger” allows Bailey’s to reach customers with a personal and thoughtful touch.

We are thrilled Bailey’s Fine Jewelry decided to share with us in our Spotlight On: Retail Experience journey to highlight the amazing things they do, the positive attitude and welcoming environment they offer to create such a special experience for customers. If you are a Luxury retailer that does something similar, even if it’s just offering coffee or hosting VIP events, let us know! Learn more and submit your store details here for a chance to have the spotlight on your retail experience.

Learn more about Bailey’s Fine Jewelry here.

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