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3 Things to do on Instagram before JCK Tucson 2019

You have an extensive list of must-dos before heading to Tucson, from packing to planning your visits. Each step in your journey to the show floor will be well worth the effort, so we hope you’ll find time to add one more item to your list: social media—specifically, Instagram

Getting social before the show benefits you in a number of ways. Pre-show, it can help you get to know exhibitors and attendees. It’s the ultimate tool for previewing the treasures that await you in Tucson and for networking. Have you ever “met” someone through Instagram? You can get to know lots of people this way—and being introduced in the digital world can make things easier when you meet in real life!

Be sure to tag @jckevents and use the hashtag #JCKTucsonBound prior to the show! This will help others discover your posts and could even land you on JCK’s Instagram page.

During the show, social media serves as a beacon, leading you to the most-hyped events, much-discussed products and even cluing you in on where to find the best wine bar after hours.

So before you head to Tucson, try these tips for getting your social up to snuff.

1. Update Your Profile
If you don’t use social media platforms like Instagram regularly (and even if you do), make sure your profile is up to date. It should include a recent photo of you (so people will recognize you in person); an informative bio (if you’re a retailer, name your store! Tell us about your favorite things. What’s your role in the industry?); and a valid URL that followers can visit (your store or company’s website, your blog, etc.). This is also a great time to post photos (of products, of yourself, of your hobbies!) to help potential followers get to know you better. 

2. Find Your Friends 
For the most up-to-date happenings in Tucson, follow others who will be at the show. Include brands and designers exhibiting with JCK, editors, bloggers and other members of the industry who will be making the rounds.

Follow @jckevents for live updates! 

Checking out JCK Tucson exhibitors’ Instagram feeds beforehand might entice you to make appointments you wouldn’t have made otherwise. Bonus: You just might establish lasting business connections (and friendships) right from your smartphone.  

3. Tell Some Stories
Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s Stories features now so you can post updates from the show floor. First things first: Make sure your customers know you’re on Instagram, and encourage them to follow you. Try using the Instagram Questions feature to get opinions from your clients about what gemstones to keep an eye out for at the show. While you’re there, use the Polling feature to get feedback on how well an item or collection might sell in your store. If you establish a connection with your shoppers before Tucson, Instagram can prove a valuable tool to help you make decisions that could increase sales for your store.

Follow @jckevents on Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #JCKTucson at the show!

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