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Security tips for JCK

Your safety at JCK Las Vegas is our priority. We work closely with the venue; with corporate security; and with local, state and federal law to identify and assess risks, and to develop effective security for our events. JCK security staff and the Las Vegas Metro Police will be out in force to keep our buyers and exhibitors safe, but take these extra steps to protect yourself at the show.

For both buyers and exhibitors at JCK Las Vegas:

  • Be careful with your badge. You must present it to access the show, but don’t wear it when you’re off the show floor. When you leave the show on your final day, avoid discarding your badge in an open garbage can, in your room, or anywhere that it could be picked up and used by someone else to enter the show. Dispose of it securely. Better yet, take it home as a souvenir or dispose of it there. 
  • Be discreet. Don’t attract attention by identifying yourself as a jeweler in public places. Be subtle when discussing business in public, and don’t carry objects that obviously contain jewelry—or feature the name or logo of your jewelry brand—outside of the show. 
  • Don’t share your travel plans on social media. While posts are an excellent tool for live updates and connecting with other show attendees, announcing your absence ahead of time online could leave you, your business, or your home vulnerable. 
  • Keep track of your belongings. Keep your purse zipped and your wallet in your front pocket in restaurants and other public spaces.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables, and never flash your cash.
  • Drink responsibly. We get it; Vegas is fun! But keeping your wits is key to staying safe.
  • If you see something, say something. If you spot anything suspicious or off-putting, report it to a member of our show staff or onsite security staff. 
  • Don’t leave significant valuables in hotel room safes. Unfortunately, these have been a source of significant burglary losses.

Special considerations for exhibitors:

  • Ship your goods to the show by armored courier service. Verify your end-of-show shipping arrangements several days before the show closes. 
  • Use the show vault. Vault your goods at the Venetian and the Sands Expo Convention Center as soon as you arrive in Las Vegas, and keep them secured in the vault during non-show hours.
  • Don’t offer private showings in your room. Not only are these unauthorized, but they also present a serious security risk to you, your customers, and other hotel guests. Keep your goods in the show vaults during off hours, and never invite anyone to your room.
  • Control your booth. Keep track of the merchandise at your booth, even during setup and break down, and especially during high-traffic hours. If you don’t have enough staff on-hand to keep tabs on your goods, hire a security officer to help you. 
  • Make locking your showcases a habit. Unlock them only to take out and return merchandise. Don’t overlook this detail when you’re busy with customers.
  • Showcases are for display—remove your product from the showcases and store securely overnight.

View additional details regarding increased security at the JCK Show here.

For help with questions concerning jewelry security, call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 1-800-537-0067or email JSA at

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