Pastel Power

Emerald, ruby, sapphire—the Three Musketeers of the gemstone world—are classic store staples, unrivaled when it comes to showcasing vibrant jewel tones. You’ll find many unforgettable variations of all three at Luxury in the coming week.

Alongside them, though, are a cast of colorful gemstones in shades less deep, but no less rich. Pastel-shaded gemstones are softly invigorating, like gentle sunshine or cool mist, and they’re ever so in demand. 

In terms of gemstones, pastel options abound. Aquamarine, morganite, lighter shades of amethyst, peridot, and citrine—even paler emeralds and rubies, not to mention a rainbow of fancy sapphires—can satisfy a craving for more delicate hues. 

Here’s just a small preview of the Luxury gemstones worthy of a look. Combine them in a display for a soft-serve rainbow of color, and seek out pieces featuring two or more hues in one stone or setting. No matter what time of year it is, styles like these are sure to delight customers.

View the Luxury 2019 Exhibitor List here.

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