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5 precious things to pack for Luxury 2019

Spoiler alert: this packing list for your trip to Luxury 2019 doesn’t include anything surprising or unexpected—but that’s why it’s so important.

Year after year, show after show, we’ve learned what’s absolutely, unyieldingly important to have on hand. And while big changes are in store  at the show this year—our location at the Sands Expo and the Venetian, among them—the ultimate must-brings never change.

Here are the five essentials to pack for Luxury and JCK Las Vegas. 

1. Comfortable shoes. The salons and show floor of Luxury will be plush. They’ll be inviting. They’ll be dazzling. Naturally, you’ll want to dress the part for this upscale environment, but be sure to show your feet some love by selecting the most comfortable shoes possible. (Maybe your running shoes won’t cut it, but your backache-inducing stilettos might not either.) Walk around the block in your kicks of choice now to test their durability and comfort so you won’t have any regrets—or sore toes and blisters—later. 

2. Business cards. The JCK Mobile app and the contacts list on your phone will help you keep track of the people you meet at the show. Still, there’s never a bad time to exchange business cards. Make sure yours are up-to-date and in mint condition to hand out to new contacts. Don’t forget a case to carry them in; choose one big enough to accommodate cards you collect. 

3. Layers. A blazer, a light sweater, a shawl or scarf—these are the layers to add to your show wardrobe. Whether you’re feeling chilly in an air-conditioned room or you want to jazz up to your dinner ensemble, you won’t regret packing that extra layer. The desert is hot during the day, but you’ll want warmer garments to snuggle into at night and in cooler environments—say, at a live show in the evening if you’re planning to see one.

4. Moisturizer.  From the richest body butters to a simple lip balm, that extra moisture goes a long way to keep your skin from getting as dry as the desert. And speaking of staying hydrated, water bottles are a veritable fashion accessory nowadays, so why not bring yours? Keep it filled during the day to make sure you never go thirsty. Bonus: You’ll avoid single-use plastic water bottles. 

5. Cell phone charger. Your phone (or tablet) will be working overtime taking notes, adding contacts, and snapping photos of the exquisite jewelry dazzling you at every step. Bring a portable charger (or at least a pluggable one) along at all times to make sure you never run out of battery power. A phone can run through battery power quickly when it’s trying to find service or pull in emails, so if you’re struggling with Internet access at any time, connect to the show’s WiFi. You may even want to switch to airplane mode at certain times of the day when you don’t need service. 

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