Know the Stone: Tourmaline

When it comes to gemstones you’ll find at JCK Tucson 2019, tourmaline is about as popular as it gets—and for good reason. With one of the widest color ranges of any gemstone, you can easily understand why it’s such a favorite among jewelry designers and consumers alike.

Tourmaline has often been confused with other gemstones—emerald, ruby, and the like—its name comes from the Sinhalese toramalli, which means “mixed gems.”

It’s a downright treasure to behold in any shade, from the island-evoking Paraiba to the super cool watermelon tourmaline. What’s so amazing about this stone is the way it inspires such incredible design. You can often get a sense of how special the gems are, when confronted with creations like these, because the end result appears to treat each stone with such loving care.

This is only a small sampling of the tourmaline treasures that await you at JCK Tucson—it seems safe to say that we’re all quite eager to see what other impeccable designs the stone has inspired this year.

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