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3 styles for the Luxury market in 2019

When it comes to trending jewelry styles in the luxury market, a more accurate way to describe them would be “in-demand,” or “currently popular.” Not to be confused with passing fads, a trend in this case might be a gemstone that’s currently experiencing an avid consumer surge, or is much-talked about in the industry. Because the barrier to entry is often higher—fine materials cost more to use, and ultimately the retail prices are higher than just any every day purchase (though not always)—high-end jewelry is much more conducive to styles that promise to endure, rather than the flash-pan looks often associated with fast fashion. 

But that doesn’t mean fine jewelry is without its trends.

Here are 3 styles set to dominate the fine jewelry market in 2019, as demonstrated by our most wonderful JCK Luxury brands and designers. 

Casual Luxury
While these styles are still crafted with only the most luxurious materials—platinum, gold, high-quality diamonds and gemstones—they take a more casual approach suitable for everyday wear. Think hoop earrings, simple diamond pendants, stackable bands. They’re best worn anytime, anywhere, for any reason, from the most special occasions (like a black tie affair or a wedding) to the quietest, most uneventful days (like being snowed in, or sleeping until noon).

Collar Necklaces
Necklaces that fit close to the neck are gaining ground again for 2019, with chokers leading the way. But it’s the collar necklace—more of U-shape piece that rests along the decolette, as opposed to at the throat—that’s getting attention. Recent red carpet appearances (Lady Gaga’s custom Tiffany piece, Alicia Key’s gorgeous Grammy’s red carpet piece), leave us wanting to see more, more, more!

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!
If pressed to name one gemstone of the moment—a tough call to make—the answer would have to be pearl. With notably major runway and red carpet appearances as of late, the gem of the sea of dominating this early part of the year. We can only expect it to grow from here, as designers and brands glean inspiration from the pearl’s best high-profile moments.

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