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What the second annual JCK State of the Industry Report Says to Stock

The second annual JCK State of the Industry Report was recently released, offering a glimpse into not only the current state of things, but predictions on what the future holds, too.

The results paint a picture of an industry bracing for change, and readying itself to take on some of the biggest components that promise to affect businesses not only around the country, but around the world. With an 86% JCK Jewelry Industry Confidence Index—a mere two percentage points down from last year’s report—we’re still feeling positive about the direction in which things are moving.

You can read highlights of the survey here, but let’s talk about trends. The report listed a number of styles said by retailers to be their top sellers, and if you aren’t stocking them, perhaps you should be. 

Currently, the top seller as reported by a majority of those surveyed remains the stacking ring, an enduring, versatile piece perfect for any store. Because of its flexibility in style, this is a forever piece. Customers can buy multiples for a stack, add it to a wedding set, use it as a wedding band—even an engagement band, for those seeking something alternative—and wear it on a chain. It’s no surprise to see this style of ring claiming the top spot, a title that will likely endure.

Speaking of alternate engagement rings, that was the second most popular reported trend, though your definition of the style may vary. While anything that differs from the classic, traditional diamond ring is fair game, what is most likely being referenced here includes pieces that vaguely resemble the style of an engagement ring setting, with colored gemstones, rose-cut or raw diamonds, or even no stones at all, set at center.

Much like ring stacking, layering remains a key style, taking the third spot on the top trends list. This comprises chain necklaces of all lengths, many with a pendant, which has endless possibilities. If it looks like it can layer, it can. The same can be done for bracelets, too.

Finally, heart-themed jewelry rounds out the list of most in-demand styles, proving that the shape isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. The style isn’t solely something you give your sixth grade girlfriend or mom anymore, either (though, shoppers can do that, too). The heart has blossomed into quite the sophisticated icon, with appearances in some of the most luxurious jewels—and some of the coolest, too. 

Looking ahead to the remainder of the year and beyond, it was reported that both colored gemstone and custom-designed pieces are gaining traction, something that tells us shoppers want to purchase well-made pieces that speak to their individual tastes without seeing others wearing the same thing. There’s nothing quite like owning a piece made just for you, so when someone asks “where’d you get that?” you can say, “it was custom-made.” 

On the opposing end, while every business is different, overall we’re seeing a decline in the demand for charms, so that may be something to keep in mind when planning your holiday showcases. It was also reported that watches are as volatile as ever, which basically tells us that it all comes down to your customer base. 

And finally, lab-grown diamonds: what’s the deal? It was reported that 86% of those surveyed are considering them based on their lower price. It’s also worth noting that manmade stones were a top consumer concern, followed closely by the desire for conflict-free diamonds, and responsibly-sourced jewels. Lab-grown stones can answer to the latter concerns, but we’ve yet to fully grasp their impact on the consumer market yet.

Overall, more good news from the industry for 2019, with information that can help you to plan for a successful holiday season—it’s coming up fast!

Interested in the rest of the survey findings? Get a preview and learn how you can purchase the full report here.
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