Forever Summer

Wearing this season’s biggest trends well into the holidays

Summer may be coming to a close, but this season’s biggest jewelry trends don’t have to be shelved anytime soon (or ever!).

Because jewelry offers endless possibilities in which it is styled, you can inspire your customers who have made purchases from you this summer to keep wearing those jewels long into the holiday season (and you can tempt them into making their fall purchases by showing them just the right styles to match). In addition, if you have stock in your store that has been deemed rather summery, use that style savvy to mix them into a display of the fall’s biggest styles, for a seamless transition into the cooler months.

Let’s talk turquoise: it’s the stone for summer, hands down. Shoppers may cool towards it a bit with the arrival of fall and winter, but that would be so unnecessary—pair the island-blue stone with brushed gold pieces, whiskey-hued gemstones like brown topaz and diamonds, and rich yellows like citrine, and you’ll love how summer’s stone suddenly becomes the rustic must-have for fall.

The same can be said for this season’s bright, sunny colors. While those color-popping rainbow jewels were a tank top’s best friend, it’s natural for people to want to tone down the vibrancy once winter rolls around. But it’s also well-known that the brightness of summer is sorely missed once it leaves us, so those rainbow jewels can serve as a reminder that this favorite season will soon be back. Display your rainbow-hued goods with deeply-hued styles featuring black diamonds, emeralds, and rubellites (to name a few), and enjoy the sprinkling of fun color amongst the fall’s lust-worthy shades.

Finally, layering necklaces. There’s just something about that makes it feel easier to pile on a ton of jewelry—less clothing, more accessories. But as our outfits become heavier and usually more modest, there’s less skin to be adorned and sometimes even less energy to rock those carefree styles. For fall, keep the neck party going strong by mixing up some layering pendants with chunky gold links, long strands of pearls, and large gemstone pendants slipped onto long chains—they’re styles that fall into step with autumn easily, but play very well with others.

There’s less than one month until the (unofficial) closing of summer. Enjoy what remains, and get ready to welcome fall in the most vibrant, gem-rich way you can!

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