Flower Power

A budding trend at Luxury by JCK

Flowers are among the most classic gifts. They’re given for so many occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, sympathy, and “just because.” They’re carried at weddings and delivered to loved ones for Valentine’s Day. They’re grown in carefully tended gardens and dried between the pages of books.

But unless you’re going to painstakingly preserve every bud that holds sentimental value, flowers don’t last forever. Sure, their blooms can be photographed and preserved in memory, but their message of love and celebration lasts only until the petals fall.

That’s what makes floral jewelry so brilliant. It combines two precious gifts—flowers and gemstones—into a design that can be worn and treasured indefinitely. 

If you’re looking for floral jewelry (and who isn’t?), you’ll find plenty of it at Luxury. The show’s exhibitors will display a garden of exquisite floral jewels, featuring gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the budding beauties you’ll see at Luxury by JCK. They truly put the “petal” to the metal! 

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