Fireside Chat: Alexis Padis

Alexis Padis is the Marketing & Operations Manager at the Padis Designer Galleria for Padis Jewelry. Padis is also the youngest Board member of the American Gem Society (AGS). As an AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser and a GIA Graduate Gemologist, she is proudly responsible for purchasing and evaluation the jewelry sold at Padis Jewelry.

Padis will be joining fellow industry leaders for JCK Tucson 2019 Fireside Chat: Can Inspiration Influence Your Business? to share her journey in finding and sustaining inspiration in her business through originality, creativity and innovation.

Get a sneak peek inside Padis’s background in the industry, what’s in store for Padis Jewelry in the future, prominent conversations at JCK Tucson 2019 and more:

Describe your day in numbers
3 – times I hit the snooze button before hopping out of bed to my 5:15 am alarm clock.
4 – number of social media platforms I check first thing to see and observe online dialogue with our followers.
50 – minutes I spend at my Barry’s Bootcamp class getting a solid workout.
0 – number of cups of coffee I have to start my day – I’m too high energy to begin with – nobody needs me on caffeine, especially not my staff!
3 – number of loupes I have on my desk – and inevitably lose by the end of the day.
200 – on average, the number of emails I sort through when I sit down at my desk.
5 – the number of calls I get from my dad “checking in.”
150 – chat messages sent to internal teammates
100 – times I feel like I get interrupted when I’m in the middle of something I need to concentrate on (never fails!) – my desk is in the middle of the sales floor, so there’s nowhere to hide!
10,000 – the minimum number of steps I get daily. I will take my dog, Zoe, on an extra long walk after work to ensure it if necessary.
1,000,000 – the number of times I day I think about AGS Conclave!

What is your background in the jewelry industry, how did you get your start?
I am fortunate to be the product of two jewelers (Steve and Judy) who started Padis Jewelry in 1974. I am one of four kids and all of us were recruited into the stores from a young age to work – whether it be stamp envelopes, shred, or help on the sales floor. Thus, due to being more or less forced into it as my parents built their business, we all gravitated away from it. I studied finance, went on to get my MBA and ended worked for a marketing analytics company. It wasn’t until I came home for Christmas and sold my first engagement ring that I caught the jewelry “bug.” I fell in love with a couple who were so appreciative to me for simply doing my job! It’s so amazing to be a part of such an exciting part of a couple’s journey. From there, I officially joined the company and spearheaded a rebranding effort and of course – took over the glamorous repairs department. I earned my GIA Graduate Gemologist and AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser credentials and just completely immersed myself in all things bling! I sincerely feel born to do this and feel so appreciative to my parents and our team for allowing me to be a part of it.

What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear? Do you have a special piece that you always wear?
I have core pieces that I wear daily – namely a diamond pendant and set of studs designed by Tacori. I mix in a nice timepiece and layer bracelets, necklaces, and stackable rings to change up the look and match my outfit, but those three pieces have so much meaning and sentiment associated; I don’t feel dressed and ready to take on the world without them.

What are your most memorable moments from one of our JCK events?
My very first day walking onto the JCK floor just after Luxury ended was truly memorable for me on so many fronts. My experience in the jewelry business had been limited to day in, day out store management and I had no grasp on the breath and size of our industry. I was blown away by the number of retailers and suppliers all together in one room. I learned very quickly how important relationships are in our industry, and of course the value of a handshake. I’m always so appreciative to JCK for the opportunities to connect with our industry!

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?
We celebrate our 45th year in business by expanding from four to five locations and I really look forward to all that comes along with it. Each new store is a “new child” of sorts and provides such a wonderful chance to evaluate and enhance existing processes and client experiences. We get to consistently rejuvenate our operation for the better!

What’s in store for Padis Jewelry in the future?
We begin our partnership with Forevermark this year on the first US Forevermark branded store and really look to that as our future. The Forevermark story of responsible sourcing, beauty and rarity is one that truly and authentically resonates with our clientele – both young and old. We look forward to expanding on ways to further share that story in a visual and engaging way in a uniquely branded environment and connecting with more clients because of it.

Would you consider expanding to other locations outside of California? If so, what cities or areas would you be interested in?
We are very happy within the San Francisco Bay Area, but I’d never count anything out!

What does it mean to you to be an American Gem Society (AGS) member and how does it align with your brand identity and company culture?
The best thing I’ve done both personally professionally since I joined my parents in the jewelry industry was spearhead our membership into the American Gem Society.  I look at our membership with the AGS as a “Better-Housekeeping” seal of approval and a way to differentiate ourselves from others. Being an AGS member is a commitment to continuing education, gemological expertise, and doing business the “right way.” It sends a message to both our clients and our internal Padis team that we value education, personal development and being an active part of our community. I cannot encourage people enough to look at becoming a member of AGS – it’s such a no brainer. The networking and educational opportunities at our annual Conclave are some of the best out there.  It’s truly the best representation of our industry’s best and brightest and I feel so fortunate to be a apart of it!

Can you share with our readers a small glimpse of the topics and conversation that you think will prominent during JCK Tucson 2019?
Our industry and retail in general are moving at such a rapid pace – things that worked a month ago are now obsolete. Vendor and retailers alike are interested in learning from one another on how to evolve, grow, and make their businesses stronger. Lab-grown diamonds, building stronger partnerships between retailers and suppliers, block chain, all things technology and how to continue to provide a convenient and seamless shopping experience for our clients from online to instore I imagine will be the talk of the show. And of course as AGS Conclave approaches (April 8th-10th), I’m also hoping the buzz around this year’s Seattle event will be a primary topic!

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