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Lauren Klein designs her 18-karat gold collection for L. Klein with a fashion-forward approach to create timeless and elegant jewelry. She does this by combining historic Italian design techniques with her contemporary style, each piece handmade in Italy.

With a signature “L” on every piece, Klein offers customers personal tokens of beauty and quality. Check out our conversation with the designer herself about her journey in the jewelry industry, a look into her design process, what we can expect to see from her at JCK Tucson 2019 and much more:

How did your journey in the jewelry industry begin?
After 14 years in the home décor industry, I wanted to start a new career that would allow me to work more creatively. My husband and I travel to Italy often for our home accessories business. With sourcing connections there, I was able to find an exceptional artisan who meticulously handcrafts each piece. I began with just a handful of pieces in the Fiore collection and have since expanded the line to offer a broad selection of exquisite jewelry.

What was the initial inspiration for your brand?
I have always subscribed to the theory that less is more in all aspects of fashion, from home design to women’s fashion. Combining a classic and clean look with a fashion-forward approach, L. Klein jewelry can be worn and enjoyed day to night. It’s jewelry to live in!

What else inspires you when designing?
My goal when designing is to create a special look that any woman can make her own. I want my jewelry to be affordable luxury that looks as nice with a tee-shirt and jeans as it does with a cocktail dress.

Can you give us an idea of your design process?
I begin sketching designs by hand and collecting them in a notebook. Next, I review my sketches and prioritize which designs I should go forward with. I then send the designs on to my manufacturer in Italy to review production options. Once the design details have been worked out, we create a 3-D drawing and often make final adjustments at this phase. Based on the drawing, a sample is either made in silver or 3-D printed. After I approve the sample, we then go into the production phase.

How long does it typically take to create a piece of jewelry?
From the original design discussions to the finished product, the process typically takes three months.

How would you describe your brand using only three words?
Timeless, elegant, quality.

How do you personalize your jewelry and designs?
The L. Klein brand stands out with my signature “L” logo on every piece, either stamped or on a small logo charm, signifying quality and beauty.

You have a number of different collections. Do you have a personal favorite?
The Fiore and Prisma collections are my two favorites and my best sellers. Each collection offers a full selection of stunning pieces.

How about a favorite piece?
My favorite piece is the Prisma black pendant. I love the combination of black and gold, especially since I tend to wear a lot of black. It’s a fun piece that looks great with everything. I wear mine on my beautiful 18” luxe chain.

Are you partial to any particular stones or hues?
I have been partial to neutral tones to allow the pieces to go with any outfit. Whether it is a crystal quartz or black agate orb, a moonstone or aquamarine cabochon, or a pale rose quartz stone, the stones look great with any outfit.

What do you think sets your jewelry apart from other companies that specialize in fine jewelry?
My line is high fashion 18K gold at affordable prices – great for gift giving and self-purchases. The quality is in the details; every piece is handcrafted using centuries-old techniques that have been handed down generation to generation.

Have you noticed a shift in consumer attitudes since the birth of your brand?
L. Klein has been steadily building recognition and consumers are now aware of the exceptional quality of each piece.

How would you describe your target audience?
Since the line is all 18K gold and all handmade in Italy, the pieces are targeted to a sophisticated buyer who appreciates the quality and the timeless design. L. Klein is for women who are looking to accessorize with fashionable and luxurious jewelry that they can wear comfortably to any occasion, work or play.

What is one of your favorite memories at a JCK show?
This February will be my first time going to the show, so I am looking forward to creating many fun memories!

What are you most looking forward to at JCK Tucson 2019?
I am looking forward to introducing L. Klein to the JCK audience, opening new doors and meeting the other designers.

What types of pieces and collections can we expect to see from you at JCK Tucson 2019?
I will have many new pieces, including the Bubbles and Button necklaces, a new Prisma bangle and a handful of white gold pieces.

Tell us about your membership with Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) and how it has helped you in your journey in the jewelry industry.
I just recently joined Women’s Jewelry Association and showing in the WJA Pavilion will be my first WJA experience. I hope to attend many WJA events in the future and to participate in their mentorship program.

Any other fun plans in Tucson when you’re not exhibiting your designs at JCK Tucson’s WJA Pavilion?
I am looking forward to exploring Tucson. It will be great to get out of the New England cold and enjoy a week of warmer weather! I am also excited to visit the Gem shows.

Learn more about L. Klein here and don’t miss her at JCK Tucson 2019—there’s still time to register! Register here.

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