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California artist David Heston’s personality is reflected in his bold contemporary jewelry designs – made for both men and women – which are showcased throughout the United States in high-end galleries, boutiques and fine department stores.

A former sculptor, Heston states that “jewelry has endless possibilities of shapes and forms, like sculpture,” and he applies an architect’s approach when creating his wearable art. Drawing inspiration from modern and classical art, his designs include a mix of sterling silver, 18K gold, rubber, diamonds and colored stones.

His works have been adorned by celebrities such as Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross and Cedric the Entertainer, to name a few.

We caught up with Heston to learn more about his journey in the jewelry industry, his inspirations, what we can expect to see from him at Luxury 2019 and much more:

Did you always have an interest in jewelry or was it a passion you discovered through experimenting or a certain experience? 
I was always fascinated with jewelry as a kid. In high school I took jewelry courses and I was hooked.

How would you describe your brand in only three words? 
Sculptural. Bold. Unique.

What do you think sets your designs apart from other fine jewelry? 
I feel like I have a very identifiable style. I have been consistent throughout the years to design with my own personal aesthetic. I try to remain original and craft every piece to the highest quality standards.

Your designs include a variety of different materials, metals and stones. Are you partial to a particular metal or hue? 
I’m not particularly partial to any metal or hue. However, I do like to incorporate interesting materials such as leather, rubber, silver, gold and diamonds. I also enjoy working with varying finishes such as matte or shiny and occasionally texture.

You also have a gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America. Do you have a favorite gemstone?
I do not have a favorite gemstone, I find them all beautiful and interesting. I have kept it quite simple with my collection using mostly white and black diamonds. I have recently started incorporating a little color with pink and blue sapphires. 

Can you tell us about your design process? 
I get my best ideas when I am doing things I love, like mountain biking or skiing. It often takes me getting away from my bench for a moment to create a new design.

What inspires you when designing? 
Coming up with a design and seeing the tangible final product has always inspired me to keep creating. Envisioning an idea and watching it come to life has always been a great joy of mine throughout my career. 

There are a number of celebrities that adorn your works. Can you describe your target audience?
My target audience are people that appreciate jewelry, craftsmanship and quality.

Your brand launched in 1989. Have you noticed a major shift in consumer attitudes since then? 
Things have changed dramatically with the internet. People are looking at so much more online and seem to always be looking for a discount. Consumers seem to barter more than they did in the past. 

What do you see as an up-and-coming trend in the luxury jewelry industry? 
Men’s jewelry is very up and coming. It is becoming much more mainstream than ever before.

What are you most looking forward to at Luxury 2019? 
I am looking forward to seeing my fellow designers and friends. I am also excited to reconnect with my current accounts and meet new buyers.

What types of pieces/collections can we expect to see from you at Luxury 2019? 
You can expect to see an extensive men’s collection. I am also very excited to show a new women’s collection incorporating leather and diamonds that will be shown for the first time at Luxury 2019. 

Learn more about Heston Designs here.
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