Colorful Cabochons

Gemstones will no doubt be big news at JCK Las Vegas and Luxury this year. It’s always thrilling to see the finished jewels of brands and designers in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Among them, one form in particular is sure to be a big hit: the cabochon cut. 

Because the stones are unfaceted, they’re unable to catch the light in the way their cut counterparts do, yet these smoothly shaped and polished gemstones have a compelling appeal. Many appear to have lives of their own contained within their bubble-like domes. They are effervescent, luminescent, almost always colorful, and often irresistible. 

Expect to see stunning examples of the classic stones most often found in cabochon form—moonstone and opal. You’ll also find cabochon emeralds, rubies, and sapphires as well as some delightfully unexpected variations. 

Here’s a preview of the cabochon jewelry you’ll find during your time at JCK Las Vegas—only a hint of treasures to come.

Looking for more brightly colored finds? Be sure to add our new Global Gemstone Neighborhood to your list of must-see areas. Here you’ll discover loose gemstones from 75+ exhibitors, including Fine Gems and members of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA).

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