Blog About It: JCK Las Vegas 2019 Recaps

Thousands of retailers, designers, manufacturers and other jewelry professionals around the globe attend JCK Las Vegas every year, when retailers get the chance to explore new product on the biggest jewelry playing field in North America.

While JCK is supplied with some of the best designers and manufacturers in the world for retailers to meet with and restock their stores for the months ahead, it’s more than just a tradeshow – it’s an event filled with inspiration, creativity, fashion and trends, presented through various events, conferences, showcases and Instagrammable moments.

So it comes as no surprise that among retailers, designers and manufacturers, there is another important group that joins us each year – influencers and bloggers. Like any noteworthy or trendy event, these fashion and jewelry trendsetters make it a point to attend JCK and fill in their followers along the way.

This year, we had quite an impressive group of influencers who joined us to share their discoveries with the social media world with trying on gorgeous jewels, instantly offering exposure to some of JCK’s amazing exhibiting designers.

In case you missed them, check out these blogger JCK highlights:


Ellen Kim, founder of SpreadFashion, is an L.A.-based influencer who shares her casual luxe lifestyle with thousands of followers. Her Instagram showcases a plethora of her laid-back California looks – casual, trendy outfits paired with fabulous, luxe accessories that create an elevated, L.A. street style.

Kim joined us this year at JCK Las Vegas, where she discovered some new favorite designers to add to her collection and share with her followers. Read about her experience here.

Stiletto Beats by Emily Vartanian

Emily Vartanian created Stiletto Beats in the spring of 2011 as an assignment for a Fashion Journalism class. Little did she know when she first created it that she would soon find a true passion for blogging, giving her an outlet to express, share and evolve her style journeys.

Vartanian’s Instagram is an artful display of appreciation for details and accessories, so it was only fitting that she joined us at JCK this year to discover beautiful jewels, find inspiration and share with her followers the magic that is JCK. Read about her experience here.

Kris Chérie

Kristine Agabaian founded her blog Kris Chérie in 2015 as a personal and creative outlet by sharing her individual style, beauty tips and vision with like-minded people. While she is based in L.A., Agabaian adorns a Parisian-inspired style.  

Agabaian’s Instagram is a romantic vision that displays her style and use of bold accessories, sporting statement earrings and stand-out necklaces and rings to complement combinations of prints and edgy sunglasses. See how she found inspiration through dazzling jewels and creative minds alike at JCK Las Vegas 2019. Read about her experience here.

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